Support FAQ

How do I access the CBA member website?
Upon joining the Association, members are given an Agent ID number and a password to access the website. Please contact CBA ( for your login information or see the 'Forgot Password' link at the top right.

How do I know if other agents have been viewing my listings?
CBA will send you an email showing the number of times your listing has been viewed and the company which looked at your listing. To protect the individual that viewed your listing, CBA does not provide the name of the member that viewed your listing, only their company for which they work.

How can I show my client that I am properly marketing their property?
When you list a property with the CBA website, in addition to marketing your listing to CBA members, you are also advertising with other sources, such as:

  • CBA Public Website - any person can search for your listings, if you choose to disclose them.
  • CBA Affiliate Websites

How can my clients search CBA listings on my company website?
CBA has created the ability for you to host a listing search page from your company website. Contact our Research Director ( to look into setting this up, or for further explanation of this feature.

How do I find out about Industry Events or Education Opportunities?
The CBA news sections on the bottom right side of the Homepage will regularly announce upcoming industry events. Keep an eye on this part of the website to stay up to date on the latest commercial real estate conventions and education opportunities.

How do I find a CBA Agent or CBA Member Office?
You can use the CBA Roster to search our membership for agents that work in market areas which you may not be familiar with, or that you have no agent contacts for. Please see the Member Directory link located on the top left hand side of the Home Page.

My e-mail address/phone number is incorrect in CBA. How do I change it?
To change you personal contact information, please contact CBA ( or see the Support Page located at the top right hand side of the Home Page. [Account Management]

How can I pay my CBA office dues?
To pay your monthly dues online, please see the Account Management webpage, located at the top right hand side of the Home Page.

How can I obtain a Legal Document from the CBA website?
CBA does not offer legal documents through our website. Instead, we have created a comprehensive software program for creating, editing, and printing or emailing over forty different types of legal documents. See the Legal Library link on the left hand side of the Home Page for further information.

How can I find out more information about additional education for commercial real estate agents?
CBA publishes a list of many accredited education courses in the state of Washington. Contact Vi ( for more information or check out the What's New section located at the bottom right hand side of the Home Page.

How do I search for available properties or business opportunities?
Property listings and Business Opportunities that CBA members have made available for public searching can be browsed/surveyed by clicking the 'Search all' link, located at the bottom of the Home Page.


Events Calendar

Core Curriculum Course CBA is pleased to offer the newly revised 2014-15 Commercial Core Curriculum Course. This course will cover the issues you need to know about: 1.Commercial Forms Products & the limits of Licensees' Practice of law. 2. Legislative/Legal Update 3.R.E. Licensing Law Relating to Referral of Title Ins. Providers 4.Advertising, the Internet & Social Media Instructor: Michael Spence Helsell Fetterman, LLP 3 CE Hours (mandatory for WA RE license renewal) ...

CBA North Network Meeting Guest Speaker: Leo Day President of Ultra Tank Services Topic: Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn about storage tank decommissions and /or removal, petroleum contaminated soil and water remediation. Along with the latest technology for fuel system installations. Join us and remember to invite another commercial broker or affiliate. ...

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