Thank you for your interest in Associate membership with the Commercial Brokers

Association (CBA). CBA was established in 1977 as a multiple listing service exclusively for

commercial and investment real estate. Since then we have grown to over 1,035 offices with more

than 3,900 participating brokers and agents.


As an Associate member, you are able to access your target market of commercial real estate

specialists and present your company information or products in a variety of ways. Benefits and

possibilities include:

Access to our member list for targeted marketing

A link to your company's web page from our from our public and member websites

*Associate members may purchase a login to our web based service "CBAexchange".

CBArules prohibit non licensees from listing properties on our site.


CBA's Bylaws allow associate membership for only those companies involved in real estate

related fields. The following is a list of those eligible for membership:


Licensed Architects

Building Contractors

Professional Engineers

Law Offices

Title Insurance Companies

Escrow Companies

Financial Institutions

Environmental Service Companies


Other categories based on approval


To join CBA as an Associate Member, please fill out our Membership Application and return to


Standard Associate membership fees include a one-time membership fee of $150.00 and annual dues of $300.00. In the future, annual dues are billed on the member's anniversary date.

* Associate members requiring listing access or legal forms access is an additional $55 per month.


For additional information or questions, please call us at (425) 820-3348 or 1-800-275-2522.



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